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A bidet toilet seat is a modern alternative to a traditional toilet. This eco-friendly model encourages the use of water instead of toilet paper. Therefore, investing in a bidet attachment is an excellent choice for clean freaks of all ages. You don’t need to tear bits of toilet paper anymore; press a button, and the water flow from a bidet will wash your body, leaving it clean and fresh.

You might have seen a bidet attachment in online videos or a luxurious hotel room. However, it is possible to install a bidet in your bathroom as well. The process of bidet installation is not as intimidating as you may think. It requires carrying out a few steps to connect the bidet to your toilet and ensure that it remains intact. If things go wrong, you don't need to worry at all! You can call a professional plumbing service provider to install a bidet attachment in your bathroom.

How to Install a Bidet Attachment

You can install the new bidet toilet seats to the water supply for your toilet without adding new plumbing lines. Using simple hose connections with a special T-valve in your bidet toilet seat, you can complete the process of bidet attachment on your own. This T-valve will attach to your toilet’s supply line resulting in a fully functioning bidet in your toilet.

Things You Will Need

Here is the list of tools and accessories needed to install a bidet attachment.

  • A bidet toilet seat
  • A screwdriver
  • A towel
  • A bucket
  • An adjustable wrench
  • A sanitizing wipe

Once you have gathered all the abovementioned tools and accessories, you can install the bidet attachment to your toilet system.

Steps to Follow

Here are the steps to install a bidet attachment.

1. Remove Your Existing Toilet Seat

Firstly, you need to remove your existing toilet seat to be secured to the rim using large mounting bolts. You can open these bolts from their plastic covers using a flathead screwdriver. Next, remove these bolts with your screwdriver. It may require you to remove the nuts underneath the toilet that hold them in place. These mounting bolts are often a part of the toilet seats with no top to unscrew them. However, you may find a few nuts under the rim of your toilet seat to remove them from your toilet. After removing nuts and bolts, you can lift your toilet seat to remove it completely. Next, use a sanitizing wipe to clean the rim before installing the new bidet seat.

2. Disconnect Your Toilet’s Water Supply

You will notice your toilet’s shut-off valve behind the toilet along with the supply hose from the base of your toilet tan towards the water supply pipe on the wall. The shut-off valve is an oval-shaped valve that connects your toilet tank to the water supply. To disconnect the water supply to your toilet, twist the shut-off valve in a clockwise direction until the water flow stops completely. Next, you can press the flush button to get rid of left-over water in the toilet tank.

3. Install the T-Valve to Your Toilet’s Supply Line

Your new bidet seat includes a T-shaped valve known as the T-valve that diverts the water flow within the toilet system and the bidet sprayer. You can use an adjustable wrench to tighten up the metal fittings on the bidet attachment. Next, disconnect the supply hose situated at the base of your toilet tank. The left-over water from the tank may start leaking out. You can put a bucket underneath to collect the water and use a towel to clean the floor. Next, gently attach the T-valve in place of the supply hose near the base of the toilet tank. Reconnect the base of the T-valve with the supply hose.

4. Mount the Bidet Toilet Seat to the Toilet

You will find a plastic mounting plate inside your bidet seat’s packaging. Place this mounting plate behind the rim to align the bolt holes through it. Put the mounting bolts into the bolt holes to connect their nuts under the rim. Next, carefully place the bidet seat on top of the mounting plate to attach it to its designated place.

5. Connect the Water Supply to the Bidet Seat

The new bidet seat will include its water supply hose that should attach to the opening of the T-valve. Next, the other side of the bidet hose should be connected to the other end of the bidet seat. Ensure that all of the connections are secured well. Open the shut-off valve by turning it in a counter-clockwise direction. As a result, the water will flow into the toilet tank and your new bidet seat. And you are done! Your new bidet seat is ready to use!

Attaching a bidet into your toilet seat can become a complicated task if you don’t follow the instructions properly. You may notice a significant amount of water leakage from your toilet system that can instantly flood up your bathroom. If things get out of control, do not panic! Contact Mesa Plumbing Company to look into the plumbing issue, and they will fix your toilet within a few minutes. You can call them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to restore your plumbing system with their unbeatable service. They don’t have any extra charges to provide their professional services. With their affordable prices, you can count on their professional plumbers without a single worry.

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