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When you speak of plumbing problems, toilet problems are quick to come to mind, however they’re rarely taken as serious plumbing problems by most. Most of us would just relegate them to one of the things that would “fix on their own”. We couldn’t be farther from the truth. Some of the plumbing disasters stories will make you quickly realize how ugly and messy a toilet plumbing issue can get. Below we have put together some of the toilet problems that should not be ignored.

When the Toilet Is Not Flushing

This is one of those problems that can startle you in the morning when you see all the dirty water creeping up the bathtub drain. When the master bath is acting up in such ways, it is actually the toilet that is usually the culprit. Although there is a separate plumbing line for the master bath, the pipes are still connected through the plumbing vents. So naturally when there happens to be an obstruction up above, the dirty water finds its way out of the bathtub drain. When there is a clog up above, dirty water starts coming out of the bathtub drain. Here’s an instant do it yourself fix for this one:

  • Head over to the roof and find the plumbing vent opening
  • If it is covered with a lid or cap, then cut out a hole in it and create an ample opening (this shall neutralize the pressure)
  • In case it doesn’t have a cap, then debris be the cause of the clog, which you can easily snake out

If both of these things seem not to work, then either the toilet is broken, or there may be a blockage in drain pipe. Your toilet requires a tune up in that case so don’t procrastinate and call for professional help right away.

Sluggish Toilet

This could easily be ranked one of the most annoying problems that you encounter in the toilet. When your toilet flushes slowly yore left wondering if it is the face wipes that you flushed down the toilet the other day in a hurry or could it be the doing things behind your back. These are both likely scenarios that could lead to such a situation, but often it turns out to be nothing more than a clog of mineral deposits.

Under the rim, there are tiny holes inside the toilet basin. When toilet is not duly maintained, these holes could end up being clogged and cause the water to flush down slowly. However, this one has a DIY (Do it yourself) fix and you will not even get your hands dirty in the process. A coat hanger and a small mirror is all you would require. Flatten out the coat hanger and use the mirror to locate where the holes are. Insert the flattened out hanger into the hole to snake out drain. The blockage will clear up in no time. Fix this problem at home as soon as you find out before you require professional help. On a side note, avoid using the blue toilet cleanser disks as they become thin and break into small pieces further clogging the holes and making the flush sluggish.

Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet can be a cause of mayhem for you and render your toilet useless. That is something you definitely can’t ignore as the possible messy scenarios are endless with this one. So grab a plunger and that’s all you will need. 90% of the toilet problems that cause a toilet to clog can be fixed using a plunger. Go for the one that has an extension at the holding end. It will allow you to exert more force. in case that doesn’t seem to work for you, the vinegar and baking soda remedy can be tried before calling on the plumbers for drain clearing.

No Caulk around the Toilet Base

Is the area around your toilet base always wet accompanied by drainage smell every time you enter the bathroom? It’s most likely because of there being no caulk around the toilet base that is leaking waste water. You cannot let that waste water sit there for long it can be hazardous for health.

Corroded Flush Handle

A toilet flush handle can cost anywhere between $5 and $20 and doesn’t even require any professional assistance or equipment. All you would need is a screw driver. So there shouldn’t be much reason for you to put off changing it when it needs to be changed. The problem with a flush handles that have corrode over time is that it does not set properly when you drop them down, while they are quite loose when you pull them. While repairing part is quite simple, the removing part might require a little bit of handiness from your end. However you do it, make sure you take care of this problem soon enough before it grows into a bigger and more expensive one.

Rusty Hinges

There are hinges that are rusty and then there are the ones that have green algae growing around them. While the latter would require to be removed, the former will only take a dab of clear nail polish.

And that’s all folks! These make up some of the toilet problems that should catch your attention sooner than later. Recognized earlier, they can be easily fixed, often using DIY fixes, otherwise, you can always acquire our dedicated plumbing services to take care of all your plumbing related needs.

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