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Toilet flushing issues can be very annoying and inconvenient to deal with, especially when nature calls with urgency. The toilet is undoubtedly one of the most essential fixtures in any home.

Surprisingly, toilets are also one plumbing fixture many people often take for granted - until it stops working correctly. If there is an issue with your toilet, your entire household may get into a panic within a moment.

There are various reasons behind your not working properly.

However, there’s no reason to panic. A toilet that won’t flush is an issue that is easy to fix – in most cases. What causes this issue in the first place, though? We’ve shortlisted a few reasons your toilet won’t flush properly. Let’s have a look!

7 Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush

Here are seven reasons why your toilet won’t flush:

  1. Insufficient Water in the Toilet Tank

    Your toilet requires plenty of water for a powerful flush. Good water pressure and flow allows water to go down in the tank, creating suction needed to push everything down the pipes. However, having a low water level in the tank weakens the flush over time.

    Ideally, the toilet tank should always have at least one-inch water below the top of the overflow tube. If it gets too low, chances are the valve will turn off and prevent the toilet from flushing. In this case, you need to turn on the valve to ensure the tank gets adequately filled. Once the tank is filled, flush and check if it’s working.

  2. The Flapper Issue

    A flapper is responsible for managing the water flow between the tank and bowl, flushing everything down the main drain. A damaged flapper might be a reason behind your toilet not flushing because of its inability to close the water intake to refill the tank. If this happens, replacing the flapper is the best way to ensure your toilet starts flushing again.

  3. The Lift Chain Stops Working

    A lift chain attaches the flapper to the flushing handle outside the toilet. If your toilet has a loose lift chain, it prevents the handle from pushing the flapper upwards, which in turn prevents your toilet from flushing.

    This issue is easy to fix since you need to adjust the length of the chain so it can have sufficient strength to raise the flapper. This way, it allows water to flow when you pull the handle.

  4. Your Toilet Has Clogs

    Often the problem is not the toilet itself but a clog inside it. Toilets can handle certain types of waste. And they can quite easily get clogged with specific items such as a large amount of toilet paper, a small toy, or sanitary products.

    If your toilet has something that stops it from flushing down the drain, it means there’s a clog issue. Minor clogs are relatively easy to remove by plunging them out with a toilet brush to restore movements. However, for bigger and stubborn clogs, you need a toilet auger to remove them or acquire professional assistance.

  5. Your Toilet Has A Drain Line Issue

    If everything in your toilet is working fine, yet it still doesn’t flush, chances are there’s an issue in the drain line. These drain lines move waste to your sewer and can encounter numerous problems. A malfunction in the drain line will prevent your home’s drainage system from working correctly. Your showers, tubs, sinks all may drain slowly as a result.

    Like the toilet, your drain line can also experience clogs. There might be a need for a professional plumber to come and clean it. In addition, if your drain line has cracks or is leaking, it can also prevent your toilet from flushing. Roots and trees in your yard can also grow into the drain line, which in turn, might require replacing the entire section.

  6. Damaged Overflow Tube

    The overflow tube is a toilet fixture that prevents the tank from overflowing. It directs extra water by redirecting it into the bowl to avoid this issue. If your toilet’s overflow tube has cracks, the water entering it will prevent the toilet tank from filling properly. Your toilet will be unable to flush appropriately without a full tank as a result.

  7. Design of the Toilet Drain Pipe Issue

    If your toilet has flush problems right from the beginning, the problem may lie within the design and installation of the drain pipe. The drain systems in most American homes are pretty simple. Wastewater flows from the bowl and flushes down the pipes until it reaches the main sewer line. To achieve that, the drain pipes should have a proper downward slope.

    If it’s not the case, water will pool and get stuck in the drain pipes. Every time you tend to flush the toilet, the water will hit that pool of water, preventing any chance to flow normally.

Final Thoughts

A toilet that won’t flush can be frustrating and something you should not take lightly. There are numerous reasons your toilet won’t flush. While some of the issues are easy to handle, others require the assistance of a plumbing professional. For instance, you can fix the flapper and remove the clogs using a brush. On the flip side, if your toilet has design issues, you need to get it redesigned by an authentic plumbing company.

Now you know the reasons why your toilet might have flushing issues; you need to address them before it’s too late!

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