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Summer is the season of enjoyment. You get to go to outdoor gatherings and arrange a party or two in your own backyard. Relatives from out of town visiting and kids running around the house, enjoying their vacations. Great food, great company, great champagne! What more do you want? Nothing to ruin the fun, right?

However, as the season approaches, the additional wear and tear might cause some plumbing problems. Depending on the nature of these problems, you need to prepare yourself beforehand; otherwise, your summer feasts will get ruined! Here are some plumbing problems that can ruin your summer feast.

Plumbing Problems to Look Out for in Summer

The following are some common plumbing problems you might encounter in summer:

Flooding in Basement

The basement of the house has all the unused items stored – all the things that might come in handy. As the house receives additional wear and tear in summer, it is likely to experience unease in the basement. In addition to that, the basement might flood heavily due to the pouring rain. The unexpected downpour can put pressure on the sump pump, which might result in heavy flooding. Therefore, as soon as the winters pass by, it is important to keep a check on the sump pump in the basement to avoid unfortunate incidents.

Clogged Disposal

Clog disposal problems are extremely common during the summertime. As summer vacations mean a raid of children at your place, you need to look out for clogged disposals.

When you are making delicious treats for your family, make sure to dispose of your leftovers properly. Know which food is small enough to pass through the drain and which isn’t. Otherwise, you might end up with clogged disposal problems.

Hose Bib Issues

Despite what you might think, hose bibs issues are a common occurrence in the summer season. This is because of the additional load on your washing machine and other home appliances. The never-ending pile of clothes to clean, all thanks to the beach days, outdoor parties, and cozy gatherings in your backyard, can lead to overload. The overworking of your washing machine can lead to leaks in your hose bibs.

Hose bib issues might seem trivial; however, if not taken care of in time, can affect the foundation of the house. The continuous water flow in the bricks around the hose can affect the sturdy materials used in the concrete, hallowing the foundation of the house as time goes by.

In addition to that, the leaking water can result in a significant rise in our water bills. If the problem persists, you might have to spend big bucks on the maintenance of the house.

Sewer Line Damage

As mentioned above, unexpected heavy rainfalls can be a cause of several plumbing problems. The water soaks into the ground and results in loose soil, which can move into the underground pipes, causing extensive damage to them.

If the problem persists, the blockage in pipes might lead to sewer leakage that tends to settle in the ground. This may cause an unbearable bed smell. In addition to that, sewer line damage can also cause the concrete to shift, damaging the driveway of the house. It is supposed to be the worst summer plumbing problem that can take a heavy strain on your pocket.

Damaged Sprinklers

Lawn mowing is a common practice in winters. However, it can damage the heads of the water sprinklers. As summer approaches, the signs of wear and tear start appearing on the sprinklers. Therefore, you should replace their heads for a smooth experience.

Most lawns require a water sprinkler system for greener, lusher grass. Frequent watering from time to time results in a nicer lawn. However, the improved version of a sprinkler system requires constant maintenance for better performance. Therefore, you should always look out for wear and tear in the sprinklers and replace their damaged pieces as soon as the season changes.

Clogged Toilets

Clogged toilets can be a nightmare! During summertime, when everyone is home, there are frequent family gatherings, indoor and outdoor parties, and game sessions that come with heavy traffic of people. The constant flushing, as mentioned above, can lead to plumbing problems.

Make sure to teach your kids that regular flushing is enough and not more than that. Do not dump baby wipes, toothbrushes, toilet paper, or any other solid item in the flush. Keep a plunger close to deal with the small blockages after every gathering. If you might find damage to your handles, chains, and flappers, call a professional plumber immediately.

Blocked Shower Drains

Summer means uncountable beach days! Floating in the water and collecting pebbles and rocks in the bathing is a common occurrence. As fun as it is for your day out, the showers afterward can cause a plumbing problem.  These small rocks can block the shower drains, making it difficult for the water to flow freely. Therefore, you should always look out for shower drains and get rid of the hair that might trap the bits from the beach.

Final Word

Summer is a time of great outdoor activities and fun. While you are having the time of your life, make sure to take care of the plumbing problems that might arise as the season changes. If the problems are beyond your control, book an appointment with the Mesa Plumbing Company and get an exceptional plumber!

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