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A clogged toilet is a huge inconvenience in a household. Sometimes you cannot call a plumber or do not have the time to call one and need to tackle the problem yourself. Sometimes, the blockade can be handled quite simply by using a chemical drain opener. At other times, the problem can be a bit more severe and requires specific tools or techniques to undo the blockage.

Some methods used to unclog a toilet are discussed below:


This is a tool that forcefully pushes air into the drain to remove the blockage. It is a very basic tool and works very simply to unclog drains. Just place the plunger in the toilet bowl and push it. The first push should be gentle in order to remove any blocked air. Once the plunger is tightly sealed to the bottom, pump it up and down forcefully while the seal is still intact. Finally, pull the plunger up tightly so that the air seal is broken. Water will rush down the drain, and it will be unclogged.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar and baking soda are harmless ingredients present in almost every household. They are great agents to clean numerous surfaces and also aid in eliminating bad odors from the house. They are also effective in helping the drain run smoothly.

In order to unblock a toilet, take a cup of baking soda and pour it into the blocked toilet. Wait for a few minutes, and then pour two cups of vinegar slowly into the toilet. These ingredients usually react and form bubbles. When you pour them into the toilet, you should do it very gently or else the resulting reaction of these ingredients can also cause toilet water to overflow. You should wait for the vinegar and baking soda mixture to work after a couple of minutes.

To know if the clog has been removed, flush the toilet, and if it is not removed, you can repeat the whole process once again. Usually, you’ll hear the sound of suction from the toilet once the drain is cleared.

Hot Water Can Do the Trick

This is the simplest of ways to unclog any blockade. Just pour hot water and a little dish soap to smoothly unclog the toilet. Just boil some water while squirting some dish soap in the bowl. Then pour in the hot water. This will soften the clog, and you can then flush the toilet. You can also use shampoo instead of dish soap. You can also use hot water from the sink if you don’t want to carry boiling water all the way from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Use a ‘Snake’

A snake or “auger” is a tool that breaks drain clogs. It is composed of metal devices and plastic tools. The one with a handle near the end is the best one. You can insert the device into the toilet and keep on turning. Once you find the clog, turn it around to break it. Then take out the snake and flush the toilet. If it is still clogged, then repeat the whole process again.

Use a Wet-Vac

This method is appropriate for extreme clogs. Just wear rubber gloves and then insert the vacuum hose into the toilet drain. Put an old towel around it to create a suction. Then turn the vacuum on, keep holding the vacuum hose firmly, and wait till the whole clog is sucked out. Please be careful only to use only a wet vacuum cleaner and not a regular vacuum cleaner. This is important because only a wet vacuum has the ability to get wet and remove the clog.

Use a Plastic Bottle

Remove the water from the bowl – as much as you can. Fill up a plastic bottle with warm water. Wear a pair of rubber gloves or two plastic bags on your hands if you don’t have rubber gloves. Plug the top of the bottle with your thumb and place the bottle (and your thumb) at the mouth of the pipe. Remove your thumb and squeeze the bottle to release the water into the toilet. This will also unclog the mass stuck in the toilet if you are lucky.

The Takeaway

Blocked toilets and pipes are a huge hassle. This situation is inconvenient for everyone living in the house and can be costly as well as time-consuming to repair. You must clean your drains regularly to prevent any such blockages. Preventing blockages can save you from going through the inconvenience of unclogging a toilet and ruining your morning (or evening).

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